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Philosophy of Ministry

Expository Preaching

Expository Preaching is biblical preaching. The preacher reads the text, explains the text, and applies the text. The text determines the sermon. So the preacher's main goal is to explain the point that the text makes by illustrating it, bringing other texts of Scripture to bear on it, examining the context, and thinking through the implications of the text for our day and our people. The preacher seeks to move out of the way and let the text speak. He is a herald of a message handed to him, and he must not sacrifice the integrity of the message for the purpose of preaching his own thoughts and ideas. 

Public Reading of God's Word

We follow the biblical commands and models for the regular and substantial public reading of the Scriptures during the church service.

Corporate Prayer

We follow the biblical commands and models for the regular and substantial time of prayer during our services. 


We don't just want people to fill the pews. We want to actively instruct believers in everything Jesus taught, whether in corporate worship services or small groups settings or one-on-one meetings. Our biggest goal is for every believer to growing in their faith and walk with Christ.


We seek to see God save people through the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ, whether in the church service or programs or during everyday life. 


We sing music to the glory of God, and stand in a long tradition of beautiful hymns and songs; but we also recognize that new music is being written everyday which should be embraced by the church. To that end, we seek to sing a mixture of old and new songs to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and edify the church.